Arthur Hatate

Son of Hephaestus, St. Teresa


Earth Travel, Shaping, Armor
Fire Immunity, Burst, Flaming Weapon
Understanding Mech, Cannibalize, Innovate

Divine Items:

Mihini – ooo
Mechanical Eagle takes the form of an eagle pendent.
Eternal Lighter – oo
Soulbound, needs no fuel
Earthbound Ring – oo
Adds Stealth
Marathon Glass(Hermes) – oo
Spyglass, (Int + Fort) to see anything anywhere in the world, 2 legend
Niopid Bracers – ooo
Forms bracer can take as cover = with 6L/18B soak for 7 rounds covers 7 squares
Celestial Bronze Cuffs – ooo
Handcuffs w/key, Forged by Hephaestus himself
9. Jason’s Map(Hera)-ooo
Mist + Choice of Mental to see a map to anything cost 2 legend points.

Mother works at Florida State University.

Arthur Hatate

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