Camp Half Blood


While our heroes attempted to escape from the scene of the bachelor party fiasco with Sean Huntington they are cornered by the police. Xhana Zaira used her sense of dread to frighten the majority of police away unfortunately, Sailor Hilton, Alexandra Jackson “AJ” Grant and Arthur Hatate were taken with them. The three remaining police were taken hostage and an exchange of hostages was arranged. During the exchange the lead officer revealed that he believes there is an impending war between a number of gang organizations and the government.

The Stag Party Interrupted

After consulting Tiresias our heroes tracked down Sean Huntington‘s Bachelor Party, after briefly knocking the best-man unconscious and gaining entry to the condemned warehouse our heroes briefly took in the festivities. However it become apparent that the night’s entertainment was not was they seemed after Tiberius Amadeus Archer attempted to inebriate one of the hostess to no effect. The hostess and dancers were in fact harpies in disguise and though numerous all but 1 of the 19 were dispatched. Though 30 min still remain before the ominous time seen in the comic arrives.

Into the Labyrinth

After a brief encounter with the local coroner, Rick Jackson, in Niagara Falls, who turned out to be some form of demi-god. Though he seemed to be wired for Latin rather than Greek and mysteriously tattooed with Roman symbols he said were from an old girlfriend who also had black striped tattoos covering her arm and the symbol of the Roman Fates. Our heroes took possession of a collection of dark and grim comics, one of which depicted something stalking Sean Huntington in less than 24 hours. Later as our heroes entered the labyrinth, they were separated almost immediately. Indra Parmulaparthi discovered a domed room with an ancient mural depicting the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. Meanwhile Alexandra Jackson “AJ” Grant wandered into the underworld and had to be saved by Sailor Hilton from diving into the River of Memory in the world and only after great effort were our heroes able to reunite. Along the way they were able to rescue a young women from the underworld and found an exit into Charolette, NC, the University were Tiresias resides.

Love Capitol of the World

As our heroes began to celebrate the end of the sacred games the disturbance caused by JACK began to spiral out of control, a horrific omen during the award ceremony resulted in an ominous prophecy.

The ids return to claim the golden’s child,
What was throw before the gods compiled,
Ruin assured when atoll holds passive spite
On shores of ash, old lands replay their plight.

While in the process of escaping our heroes discovered another entrance to the labyrinth and follow JACK through to Niagra Falls and the Temple of Aphrodite. After realizing that 2 of Aphrodite’s sons, who had been guarding the temple, been fooled into trapping the heroes to allow JACK to steal a number of items from the vault the heroes made chase. It has become clear that JACK not only made off with the actual Apple of Eris but also Aphrodite’s Libidos(Hare Belt), Perfume bottle and another still unknown item.

Sacred Games

During the 5 days of competition our heroes competed admirably winning a number of events.
i. Marathon – Indra(Bronze), Dani 7th
ii. Swimming race – Xhena(Silver), Devyn, Dani
iii. Vehicle Race – Arty(Bronze), Sailor(Gold)
iv. Top shot weapon – Dani(gold), Sailor(bronze), Tiber, AJ
v. Hurling – Indra(Gold), Arty
vi. Cretan bull riding – Tiber, Xhena, Dani(gold)
vii. Wrestling – Indra(silver), Dani(Gold), Atry
viii. Climbing – Tiber, Indra, Arty(Gold), Dani
ix. Music/poetry – Dani(Gold), Tiber, Devyn
x. Literary/Oration competition – Xhena(gold), Sailor(bronze), AJ, Tiber
xi. Chainsaw competition – Arty(silver), Dani, Tiber
xii. Calydonian Boar Hunt competition – Dani, Devyn, Tiber
xiii. Cornucopia theft – KUON KHRYSEOS-Rhea’s dog – eliminated
xiv. Apple Rolling – Gold
While also convincing all but one of the Wandering Nations to side with Olympus. However there were a number of conflicts orchestrated by JACK in attempt to turn the nations against Olympus. It became apparent during the week that Tania Vega and Sean Huntington were pursuing some sort of relationship, during the final event a necklace given to Tania from Sean was stolen by JACK.

Let the Games Begin

With two weeks to prepare for the ceremonial games our heroes race to prepare for the various events:
i. Marathon
ii. Swimming race
iii. Vehicle Race
iv. Top shot weapon
v. Hurling
vi. Climbing
vii. Cretan bull riding
viii. Wrestling
ix. Music/poetry
x. Literary/Oration competition
xi. Chainsaw competition
xii. Boar Hunt competition
xiii. The Cornucopia
xiv. Apple Rolling

Triumphant Return, Not so Great

For our heroes valiant efforts in returning Artemis’ lost hunters you are all invited to attend the winter solstice celebration on Mt. Olympus were a number of you had one on one time with you divine parents. However it seems that all is not well, Zeus summons you to a private meeting to give you a special task concerning the Wandering Nations. It seems that Cronus has agents attempting to sway them to his side as he has done with many of the minor gods. You are to convince the nations to allow you to attend their ceremony games and summit in the next month. Meanwhile at camp 5 campers who were the acting cabin leaders have vanished leaving the camp with an air of fear just as representatives of the nations are preparing to arrive for negotiations, Sean Huntington and Tania Vega among them. As the talks begin a new ally,Tiberius Amadeus Archer spots a spy in the amphitheater. Though she is quickly apprehended and questions her answers do not help to calm the camp atmosphere, it seems that JACK is working to convince the Amazons to side with Cronus against the gods. Though your actions to protect the representatives proves your worth, especially to the representatives from Naxos and you are allowed to attend the games in three weeks.

Mission Accomplished

Our heroes reach the terrarium temple and discover the twin giants Otus and Ephialtes have been holding the hunters captive. Arthur Hatate and Cad had attempted to rescue them but were no match for Otus, as the rest of the heroes arrived they were able to incapacitate him. Beneath the temple our heroes discover Laura Ecluse and Julie Young battling in their leopard and tiger forms, in the process of ending the fight with Xhana Zaira‘s Bacchanalia gift Julie was handcuffed while Cad became aggressively protective of Laura. Shortly after the missing troop of hunters was rescued but they were so severely injured they would be no use against the giants. After discovering that the temple was dedicated to Gaia, Xhana found a secret horde of treasure while the twin giants assembled their “troops” outside along with Kurt Alvers aka Rheakos. During the battle against the giants Rheakos escaped but the twin giants were killed by each other, however dozens of giants seemed to be surrounding the temple while it had become inexplicably dark. Julie demanded that she be allowed to leave or else and gained control of both Sailor Hilton and Arthur forcing Arthur to remain perfectly still while Sailor held a gun to his head. Considering the prophecy given by Python only days before Danielle “Dani” Ross tackled Sailor to the ground while Indra Parmulaparthi crushed Julie. Arthur was shot in the chest but recovered as the heroes escorted the hunters back to Camp Half-Blood. Shortly after leaving the cave Cad and Laura departed together after bestowing a few gifts to the heroes and a means of contacting them in the future if needed. In addition Orion asked to be let off of the bus near a wheat field where the missing Calli Stone aka Callisto and a woman who strangely resembles Devyn Avery, Dani’s fellow ward of Artemis, after leaving the heroes with a bag of magical sea shells.

Orion's Return

While continuing to battle with Kani’s forces in Bone Lake our heroes discover Orion in a secret tunnel beneath the church and a strange entrance to the Labyrinth. After Kani was killed and her minions, including the resurrected Kevin, returned to the underworld our heroes took a short rest before continuing to Lame Deer. However there didn’t seem to be any actual town of Lame Deer, only a strange rock formation and abandoned out house. Our Heroes discovered a tunnel which led them into an underground dome where they faced a troop of giants and raptor dragons. Though the majority of the giants were killed two escaped and the raptors have only been temporarily scared off. At some point before or during the combat Arthur and Cad vanished into the earth and headed to the temple ahead of everyone, Cad fears that Laura Ecluse may have come for Julie Young.

Bone Lake

Travel with Cad to meet with John Rivera in Great Falls, MT. While stopping over for fuel in South Dakota the heroes encounter a pack of wolves being controlled by Kani using thorns of madness. Damaged power lines on the highway resulted in a car chase and two thefts of police cars. After blazing through the small town of Bone Lake the heroes spot Orion’s earth hounds and follow them back into the town. There seems to be some tension between the locals and the bikers who are passing through the town. While the bikers seem scared of the locals after witnessing them attack an unknown man when he came to town recently. The locals are concerned with removing the bikers before their Madam mayor. Orion’s hounds lead the heroes to the towns church? which instead of a cross bears the symbol of wheat being cut by a scythe. As the bikers scramble to escape the mobs of locals who are now obviously under Kani’s control the heroes discover that not only is Kani with them but Rheakos and a somehow resurrected Kevin.


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