Camp Half Blood

Hunter Encampment

After borrowing an airboat from the Delosians and discovering the ‘abandoned’ Hunters’ camp our Heroes came face to face with Python herself and two dozen of her offspring. In exchange for the return of her eggs, which Xhana threatened to break, Python grants you a small prophecy regarding Julie Young “It will cost you a life to bring her to face judgement” and “the eye shall show you the way.” You discover that Cad has been watching with his ‘transformer’ and he offers to help you get to Montana with the help of a friend John Rivera.

Trouble in Delos

Our heroes traveled from Laura Ecluse‘s home in New Orleans to a camp of the Delosian demigods. After discovering that they were harboring Julie Young the camp was attacked by a group of Giants and illusions of Giants, possibly with the help of JACK. During the attack Julie was abducted however you know the driver of the vehicle that took her 1) had one of Cad’s guns and 2) is from Montana, possible Lame Deer.

2 Vials of Giants Blood for use in Tattooing for each.


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