Nemesis' Shades


Pravda/Krivda (Bhag O)
Dice Pool: Perception + Integrity
Cost: None
A Scion can sense the amount of good deeds and evil deeds an individual has done on a successful Perception + Integrity roll.

Dobra Kob/Zla Kob (Bhag OO)
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult
Cost: 1+ Legend
Once a Scion can sense the amount of good/evil deeds and individual has done, he can now bestow good fortune or bad fortune upon an individual dependent on the individual’s deeds. By the expenditure of 1 Legend and succeeding in a Manipulation + Occult roll, a Scion can grant one bonus/negative die per point of Legend spent up to a maximum equal to the Scion’s Legend rating. Botching the roll results in the opposite effect.


Nemesis' Shades

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