Alexandra Jackson "AJ" Grant

AJ Grant is the demi-god daughrer of Athena and Jonathan Grant, a high ranking naval intelligence officer.


Early Years

Like many of her Athena siblings, AJ was an inspiration between the meeting of her parents’ minds as her mother is a Virgin goddess. Her father was quite surprised when she appeared on his doorstep but took the addition of a daughter into his life in stride. For her first seven years, AJ was raised with the help of a nanny. A brilliant child, she often drove teachers up the wall as they tried to keep up with her. AJ’s demigod heritage caught up with her when she was seven and she made her first visit to Camp Half Blood. She was very quickly claimed by her mother. Due to her father’s constant travel and the dangers demigods face outside of camp, they both decided it was easier if she remained a full-time camper.

Camp Half Blood (Pre-Campaign)

AJ was honored with gifts a number of times from her mother including a pair of fake glasses that help her to see through the mist, an owl companion that she named “Patton” and a spear that is normally disguised as a pen. She befriended Arthur Hatate during her earlier years at camp but would come to make other friends as well. Of her Athena siblings, she looks up to Annabeth Chase the most. She takes her capture the flag games quite seriously.

First Mission

AJ recieved a mission from her mother that included help from a number of other campers including Arthur Hatate, Danielle “Dani” Ross, and Indra Parmulaparthi. The entire team was selected from her notes about the strengths of other campers her age – she wanted to put together a team where each member brought a strength to the table. Her mission included facing down the infamous Arachne, one of her mother’s enemies.

Alexandra Jackson "AJ" Grant

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