Camp Half Blood

Triumphant Return, Not so Great

For our heroes valiant efforts in returning Artemis’ lost hunters you are all invited to attend the winter solstice celebration on Mt. Olympus were a number of you had one on one time with you divine parents. However it seems that all is not well, Zeus summons you to a private meeting to give you a special task concerning the Wandering Nations. It seems that Cronus has agents attempting to sway them to his side as he has done with many of the minor gods. You are to convince the nations to allow you to attend their ceremony games and summit in the next month. Meanwhile at camp 5 campers who were the acting cabin leaders have vanished leaving the camp with an air of fear just as representatives of the nations are preparing to arrive for negotiations, Sean Huntington and Tania Vega among them. As the talks begin a new ally,Tiberius Amadeus Archer spots a spy in the amphitheater. Though she is quickly apprehended and questions her answers do not help to calm the camp atmosphere, it seems that JACK is working to convince the Amazons to side with Cronus against the gods. Though your actions to protect the representatives proves your worth, especially to the representatives from Naxos and you are allowed to attend the games in three weeks.


Erictono Erictono

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