Camp Half Blood

The Stag Party Interrupted

After consulting Tiresias our heroes tracked down Sean Huntington‘s Bachelor Party, after briefly knocking the best-man unconscious and gaining entry to the condemned warehouse our heroes briefly took in the festivities. However it become apparent that the night’s entertainment was not was they seemed after Tiberius Amadeus Archer attempted to inebriate one of the hostess to no effect. The hostess and dancers were in fact harpies in disguise and though numerous all but 1 of the 19 were dispatched. Though 30 min still remain before the ominous time seen in the comic arrives.


Lesson of the night: When walking up behind a group of demigods who are trying to be at least semi-stealthy, do not address them with “Excuse me!” and weapons obviously in hand unless you want to end up unconscious or worse. Definitely do not follow this up by reacting violently to sarcasm on the part of said demigods. It will not end well.

The Stag Party Interrupted
Erictono Erictono

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