Camp Half Blood

Sacred Games

During the 5 days of competition our heroes competed admirably winning a number of events.
i. Marathon – Indra(Bronze), Dani 7th
ii. Swimming race – Xhena(Silver), Devyn, Dani
iii. Vehicle Race – Arty(Bronze), Sailor(Gold)
iv. Top shot weapon – Dani(gold), Sailor(bronze), Tiber, AJ
v. Hurling – Indra(Gold), Arty
vi. Cretan bull riding – Tiber, Xhena, Dani(gold)
vii. Wrestling – Indra(silver), Dani(Gold), Atry
viii. Climbing – Tiber, Indra, Arty(Gold), Dani
ix. Music/poetry – Dani(Gold), Tiber, Devyn
x. Literary/Oration competition – Xhena(gold), Sailor(bronze), AJ, Tiber
xi. Chainsaw competition – Arty(silver), Dani, Tiber
xii. Calydonian Boar Hunt competition – Dani, Devyn, Tiber
xiii. Cornucopia theft – KUON KHRYSEOS-Rhea’s dog – eliminated
xiv. Apple Rolling – Gold
While also convincing all but one of the Wandering Nations to side with Olympus. However there were a number of conflicts orchestrated by JACK in attempt to turn the nations against Olympus. It became apparent during the week that Tania Vega and Sean Huntington were pursuing some sort of relationship, during the final event a necklace given to Tania from Sean was stolen by JACK.


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