Camp Half Blood

Orion's Return

While continuing to battle with Kani’s forces in Bone Lake our heroes discover Orion in a secret tunnel beneath the church and a strange entrance to the Labyrinth. After Kani was killed and her minions, including the resurrected Kevin, returned to the underworld our heroes took a short rest before continuing to Lame Deer. However there didn’t seem to be any actual town of Lame Deer, only a strange rock formation and abandoned out house. Our Heroes discovered a tunnel which led them into an underground dome where they faced a troop of giants and raptor dragons. Though the majority of the giants were killed two escaped and the raptors have only been temporarily scared off. At some point before or during the combat Arthur and Cad vanished into the earth and headed to the temple ahead of everyone, Cad fears that Laura Ecluse may have come for Julie Young.


Kani never stood a damn chance once “Indra”:Content Not Found: indra-parmulaparthi gave her a nice big hug.

Plus, now that “Dead Kevin”:Content Not Found: kevin-thompson’s dead, we can totally steal his name a start a band.

Orion's Return

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Orion's Return
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