Camp Half Blood

Mission Accomplished

Our heroes reach the terrarium temple and discover the twin giants Otus and Ephialtes have been holding the hunters captive. Arthur Hatate and Cad had attempted to rescue them but were no match for Otus, as the rest of the heroes arrived they were able to incapacitate him. Beneath the temple our heroes discover Laura Ecluse and Julie Young battling in their leopard and tiger forms, in the process of ending the fight with Xhana Zaira‘s Bacchanalia gift Julie was handcuffed while Cad became aggressively protective of Laura. Shortly after the missing troop of hunters was rescued but they were so severely injured they would be no use against the giants. After discovering that the temple was dedicated to Gaia, Xhana found a secret horde of treasure while the twin giants assembled their “troops” outside along with Kurt Alvers aka Rheakos. During the battle against the giants Rheakos escaped but the twin giants were killed by each other, however dozens of giants seemed to be surrounding the temple while it had become inexplicably dark. Julie demanded that she be allowed to leave or else and gained control of both Sailor Hilton and Arthur forcing Arthur to remain perfectly still while Sailor held a gun to his head. Considering the prophecy given by Python only days before Danielle “Dani” Ross tackled Sailor to the ground while Indra Parmulaparthi crushed Julie. Arthur was shot in the chest but recovered as the heroes escorted the hunters back to Camp Half-Blood. Shortly after leaving the cave Cad and Laura departed together after bestowing a few gifts to the heroes and a means of contacting them in the future if needed. In addition Orion asked to be let off of the bus near a wheat field where the missing Calli Stone aka Callisto and a woman who strangely resembles Devyn Avery, Dani’s fellow ward of Artemis, after leaving the heroes with a bag of magical sea shells.


Erictono Erictono

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