Camp Half Blood

Love Capitol of the World

As our heroes began to celebrate the end of the sacred games the disturbance caused by JACK began to spiral out of control, a horrific omen during the award ceremony resulted in an ominous prophecy.

The ids return to claim the golden’s child,
What was throw before the gods compiled,
Ruin assured when atoll holds passive spite
On shores of ash, old lands replay their plight.

While in the process of escaping our heroes discovered another entrance to the labyrinth and follow JACK through to Niagra Falls and the Temple of Aphrodite. After realizing that 2 of Aphrodite’s sons, who had been guarding the temple, been fooled into trapping the heroes to allow JACK to steal a number of items from the vault the heroes made chase. It has become clear that JACK not only made off with the actual Apple of Eris but also Aphrodite’s Libidos(Hare Belt), Perfume bottle and another still unknown item.


Erictono Erictono

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