Camp Half Blood

Into the Labyrinth

After a brief encounter with the local coroner, Rick Jackson, in Niagara Falls, who turned out to be some form of demi-god. Though he seemed to be wired for Latin rather than Greek and mysteriously tattooed with Roman symbols he said were from an old girlfriend who also had black striped tattoos covering her arm and the symbol of the Roman Fates. Our heroes took possession of a collection of dark and grim comics, one of which depicted something stalking Sean Huntington in less than 24 hours. Later as our heroes entered the labyrinth, they were separated almost immediately. Indra Parmulaparthi discovered a domed room with an ancient mural depicting the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. Meanwhile Alexandra Jackson “AJ” Grant wandered into the underworld and had to be saved by Sailor Hilton from diving into the River of Memory in the world and only after great effort were our heroes able to reunite. Along the way they were able to rescue a young women from the underworld and found an exit into Charolette, NC, the University were Tiresias resides.


Erictono Erictono

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