Camp Half Blood

Bone Lake

Travel with Cad to meet with John Rivera in Great Falls, MT. While stopping over for fuel in South Dakota the heroes encounter a pack of wolves being controlled by Kani using thorns of madness. Damaged power lines on the highway resulted in a car chase and two thefts of police cars. After blazing through the small town of Bone Lake the heroes spot Orion’s earth hounds and follow them back into the town. There seems to be some tension between the locals and the bikers who are passing through the town. While the bikers seem scared of the locals after witnessing them attack an unknown man when he came to town recently. The locals are concerned with removing the bikers before their Madam mayor. Orion’s hounds lead the heroes to the towns church? which instead of a cross bears the symbol of wheat being cut by a scythe. As the bikers scramble to escape the mobs of locals who are now obviously under Kani’s control the heroes discover that not only is Kani with them but Rheakos and a somehow resurrected Kevin.


Erictono Erictono

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